Big Lebowski Quotes And Sayings

25 Big Lebowski Quotes-Rise of theatrical entertainment gave birth to another source of inspiration. There are certain movies, plays and shows that echo in the minds of audience, even after the decades of their release. 1998 American crime comedy film The Big Lebowski is also one such movie. It stared Jeff Bridget as Jaffrey or the Dude. The Dude is Los Angeles slacker and bowler whose wife is kidnapped.

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The Big Lebowski could not do much to impress the Box Office, but it amassed too much appreciation from critics. With the passage of time film also succeeded in getting its historic, cultural and aesthetic significant a massive recognition.

Nihilist! Fuck me- Walter Sobchak

“Nihilists! Fuck me. I mean say, what you want about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude at least it’s an ethos.” Walter Sobchak. It wouldn’t be wrong at all to say that The Big Lebowski beautifully describes the dilemma of an average American in a sarcastic way. The above-mentioned dialogue of Walter Sobchak to the Dude is a proof. In the crime comedy, such pick-up lines are abundant that beautifully fit with general enigma of society.

25 Big Lebowski Quotes

“Obviously you’re not a golfer.” The Dude

“Hey, nice marmot.” The Dude

“F*ck it, Dude. Let’s go bowling.” Walter Sobchak

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“Mind if I do a J?” The Dude

“This is not ‘Nam. This is bowling. There are rules.” Walter Sobchak

“What’s a pederast, Walter?” Donny

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“Do you have to use so many cuss words?” The Stranger

“I’m the Dude, so that’s what you call me. That or, uh His Dudeness, or uh Duder, or El Duderino, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.” The Dude

“This is a very complicated case Maude. You know, a lotta ins, a lotta outs, lotta what-have-yous.” The Dude

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“This aggression will not stand, man.” The Dude

“This is what happens when you f*ck a stranger in the ass, Larry.” Walter Sobchak

“She’s not my special lady, she’s my f*cking lady friend.” The Dude

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“Eight-year-olds, Dude.” The Dude

“He fixes the cable.” The Dude

“Careful man, there’s a beverage here!” The Dude

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“Nobody f*cks with the Jesus.” The Jesus

“Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.” The Dude

“The Dude abides.” The Dude

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“Shut the f*ck up, Donny!” Walter Sobchak

“That rug really tied the room together.” Walter Sobchak, Various

“All the dude ever wanted… was his rug back.” Jeffrey The Dude Lebowski

“Shit, I know that guy. He’s a nihilist. Karl Hungus…” Jeffrey The Dude Lebowski

“Mr. Treehorn treats objects like women, man!” Jeffrey The Dude Lebowski

“Yeah…Well that’s just like…your opinion, man.” Jeffrey The Dude Lebowski

“Life does not start and stop at your convenience you miserable piece of shit.” Walter Sobchak

” This aggression would not stand” The Dude – Big Lebowski Quotes

“I do mind, the dude minds. This will not stand, ya know this aggression would not stand, man”, says The Dude. Well, this one is another of attitude enriched dialogue of the Dude who beautifully answers the sarcasm of The Big Lebowski. The session begins with question of The Big Lebowski, “Are you employed Sir?” and makes the man furious.

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Here, again an exchange of dialogues between a millionaire and ordinary bowler attempts to unwind the lifestyle differences. For instance the phrase is much meaningful to give a shut up call to people who take you wrong.

” This is not ‘Nam. This is bowling. There are rules” Walter Sobchak – Big Lebowski Quotes

This is another famous dialogue by Walter Sobchak. It suits best in every day situation when people don’t follow the rules. At times when someone tries to mess the things up or attempts to interfere with someone’s business, then it becomes more than relevant.

The Big Lebowski has got a huge number of dialogues, which fit to the everyday life. It is just like a good book that has to offer some new thought every time reader goes through it again.