James Mattis Quotes And Sayings

25 Mattis Quotes-James Mattis is the most powerful men whose words were like swords and needle. He inspired an entire generation with his ideas. Influence of Mattis was such great that people used to come in number and fill the roads whenever he was around. General James Mattis was called The Mad Dog by his troops because of his insane Techniques. He is also called as the most revered Marine of all times. Some of the best Mattis quotes ever said by the Mad Dog are

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“I don’t lose any sleep at night over the potential for failure. I cannot even spell the word.”- James Mattis at San Diego Union Tribune.

 Such is the confidence of this man that nobody can even be around the level of his confidence. He is a master of conquering the failures, as he said there is nothing which can disturb his sleep. He also added that he cannot even utter a single alphabet of the word failure. Because he has conquered it and there is absolutely nothing which he cannot do. Be like him, try to conquer your fears as Mattis speaks. Just put your concentration on one thing and work hard for it.

25 Mattis Quotes

“Be the hunter, not the hunted.” James Mattis

“Demonstrate to the world there is ‘No Better Friend, No  Worse Enemy’ than a U.S. Marine.” James Mattis

“Engage your brain before you engage your weapon.” James Mattis Quotes

“Fight with a happy heart.” James Mattis Quotes

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“Find the enemy that wants to end this experiment (in American democracy) and kill every one of them until they’re so sick of the killing that they leave us and our freedoms intact.” James Mattis

“I don’t lose any sleep at night over the potential for failure. I cannot even

“If in order to kill the enemy you have to kill an innocent, don’t take the shot. Don’t create more enemies than you take out by some immoral act.” James Mattis

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“It’s not an easy course. It’s not designed to be. We’re not here to get you in touch with your inner child.” James Mattis

“It’s very hard to live with yourself if you don’t stick with your moral code.” James Mattis

“Marines don’t know how to spell the word ‘defeat’.” James Mattis

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“Now war is over until the enemy says it’s over.” James Mattis

“The Iranian regime, in my mind, is the single most enduring threat to stability and peace in the Middle East.” James Mattis

“The most important 6 inches on the battlefield is between your ears. James Mattis.” James Mattis

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“The most important six inches on the battlefield is between your ears.” James Mattis

“There are going to be good days and bad days. Bottom line.” James Mattis

“There are some people who think you have to hate them in order to shoot them. I don’t think you do. It’s just business.” James Mattis

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“There is no God-given right to victory on the battlefield. You win that through the skill and the devotion, the valor and the ferocity of your troops.” James Mattis

“There is only one ‘retirement plan’ for terrorists. James Mattis” James Mattis

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“To Marines, love of liberty is not an empty phrase… Rather, it’s displayed by blood, sweat, and tears for the fallen.” James Mattis

“Treachery has existed as long as there’s been warfare, and there’s always been a few people that you couldn’t trust.” James Mattis

“You are part of the world’s most feared and trusted force. Engage your brain before you engage your weapon.” James Mattis

“You can overcome wrong technology. Your people have the initiative, they see the problem, no big deal … you can’t overcome bad culture. You’ve gotta change whoever is in charge.” James Mattis

“You cannot allow any of your people to avoid the brutal facts. If they start living in a dream world, it’s going to be bad.” James Mattis

“Ultimately, a real understanding of history means that we face nothing new under the sun.” James Mattis

“You must reward the kind of behavior that you want.” James Mattis

 “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.”- James Mattis

There is this thing that you cannot depend on anyone or trust anyone. But since you cannot say bad words and utter shit. Just be ready for everything, even if it is your best friend trying to kill you. You should know everything about how to kill him in case it is needed. You cannot put your faith into anyone except, yourself. So be ready for everything whatever life throws at you. There is nobody to trust when you know the brother is killing his own brother just for anything.

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“There are hunters and there are victims. By your discipline, cunning, obedience and alertness, you will decide if you are a hunter or a victim.”- James Mattis

The most important thing to learn I not how to use the weapon, but to know what exactly your enemy has. It is just a matter of seconds that you can be killed. So it is better for you to understand that the life is a full hunter.