Powerful Women Quotes And Sayings

15 Powerful Women Quotes-In the current age of women, equality, and empowerment, some situations arise where some of these women must be encouraged to stay active. In the past, many women underwent a lot of sacrifices to make empowerment a reality. Powerful Women Quotes aim at reminding the ones in the current age to stand for themselves and fight for what is right. Most of these expressions were made out of the experience by the women who decided to take the unpopular path. Here are some of these quotes.

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15 Powerful Women Quotes

“Everything, and I mean everything, is about strong, powerful women.” Jesse Peyronel

“Somewhere we turn ourselves into victims instead of being the powerful women we really are meant to be.” Judith Light

“Even the most powerful woman needs a place to unwind.” Barbara Taylor Bradford

Women Rights Quotes And Sayings

“Powerful women always interpret hostility as unrequited love.” Tina Brown

“The most important thing for any of us to be in our jobs is curious.” Ginni Rometty

“In my videos, I always want to be a powerful woman. That’s my mission.” Beyonce Knowles

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“You got to be ready for everything in life” Dilma Rousseff

“I’m surrounded by very powerful women and very progressive men.” Christie Hefner

“Murder is about power and the more powerful women get the more it will change the good that they do and the bad that they do.” Patricia Cornwel

Womens Day Quotes And Sayings

“I watched them, thinking that little girls who make their mothers live grow up to be such powerful women.” Elizabeth Gilbert

“Powerful women are a threat in any society which is why I am such a target.” Madonna Ciccone

“I know nothing of man’s rights, or woman’s rights; human rights are all that I recognize.” Sarah Moore Grimke

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“If you see a better world, you’re morally obligated to create it.” Genevieve Bell

“Powerful men often succeed through the help of their wives. Powerful women only succeed in spite of their husbands.” Lynda Lee-Potter

“Womens currency is their looks. Like it or not, the most powerful woman is an 18-year-old woman.” Susan Cheever

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There has been a popular stand that women need to stand on their own and to champion for their course. Well, Ellen poses a new perspective. A strong woman needs to be close to a supportive man that sees the world differently. The strong woman should make her man stronger, and this would be reciprocated as in the end, she will take all the credits.

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She has fought many wars, most internal. The ones that you battle alone, for this, she is remarkable. She is a survivor – Nikki Rowe

Women go through a lot of things in silence. The wars which they battle every day cannot be measured. There are things which require both moral and physical support, but they go through them alone. This is the strength. As a woman, you know of the battles which you have had in your life; you know all the fears that you have overcome, and these only make you stronger for the future challenges.

In a world of flowers grown in pots, I’d like you, girls, to thrive in the wild- Jennifer Tindugan

The world will never be fair and accessible to everyone. As a woman, your strength is measured by the success you find in difficulty. In a world perceived to be dominated by men, the girls who thrive are the strongest.

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The Powerful Women Quotes express different aspects of a strong woman. Each lady has a unique way of defining her life. Regardless of the conditions of development, the best will always thrive. The best women will find their ways out, and this should be motivation enough to empower.