Voltaire Quotes And Sayings

25 Voltaire Quotes-Voltaire, was a French writer, philosopher, and historian. He was well known for the criticism he had against the Catholic Church. He had a strong character where each one of us can borrow a few things from.  The Voltaire Quotes on humanity have received an application in several aspects of life. Some of his most famous quotes are as outlined below.

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Appreciation is a wonderful thing: it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well – Voltaire

It takes a sense of security to be able to appreciate others. Individuals who seem to have a little extra than we may make us feel how unlucky we are. However, if you look at the scenario from a different angle, then, you will be able to appreciate them for who they are. If we appreciate others for what they have, they feel warm towards us. This feeling is special and similar to that of attaining what they truly own.  Be it children, business, successful careers, name it, appreciate it and you will feel like you have a part in it too.

25 Voltaire Quotes

“All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds.” Voltaire

“Chance is a word void of sense; nothing can exist without a cause.” Voltaire

“Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.” Voltaire

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“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do.” Voltaire

“Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.” Voltaire

“Fear follows crime and is its punishment.” Voltaire

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“Fools admire everything in an author of reputation.” Voltaire

“Friendship is the marriage of the soul, and this marriage is liable to divorce.” Voltaire

“He who has not the spirit of this age, has all the misery of it.” Voltaire

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“It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” Voltaire

“It is lamentable, that to be a good patriot one must become the enemy of the rest of mankind.” Voltaire

“Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.” Voltaire

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“Learn to cultivate your own garden.” Voltaire

“Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination.” Voltaire

“Love truth, but pardon error.” Voltaire

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“Optimism is the madness of insisting that all is well when we are miserable.” Voltaire

“Perfection is attained by slow degrees; it requires the hand of time.” Voltaire

“Prejudices are what fools use for reason.” Voltaire

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“The comfort of the rich depends upon an abundant supply of the poor.” Voltaire

“The most important decision you make is to be in a good mood.” Voltaire

“There are truths which are not for all men, nor for all times.” Voltaire

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire

“Very often, say what you will, a knave is only a fool.” Voltaire

“Whatever you do, crush the infamous thing, and love those who love you.” Voltaire

“Work spares us from three evils: boredom, vice, and need.” Voltaire

The response of a man is influenced by his environment. These may not be the real definition of what someone is made up of. Listen carefully to the questions that people ask. This way, you will be able to learn the direction of their thinking. Questions are borne out of curiosity. Curiosity is bone out of interests. Therefore, a question will tell you much more about someone. This quote is useful in judging the type of people you would like to keep around.

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No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking – Voltaire

Problems are inevitable; however, they are the doors to solving problems. Each problem has a solution. Sometimes the solution is not in the same place as the problem, it has to be sought. A mind that is out to solve a problem will definitely get it. This way there becomes nothing impossible for this brain. If you want to be a great inventor, then you should not get tired of looking for answers. Keep looking, that is how the force of gravity was discovered. All successful scientists and inventors are problem solvers.

From these Voltaire Quotes you can now become anything you want. Your imagination is the limit to the doors you can open, and the problems you can solve. These quotes have also shown you how to select like-minded people from the type of questions they would ask.