Work Quotes And Sayings

25 Work Quotes-The world is full of successful people.  Yet you see yourself incompetent and untalented to achieve your dream.  Inside you, you feel that you deserve more in this world.  But you feel that the world is unfair to you.  How can other people become successful and you are still at the bottom of the ladder?

Successful-Life Quotes @TheClassyPeple #theclassypeople
Successful-Life Quotes @TheClassyPeple #theclassypeople

It takes a lot of self-discipline, courage and strength in order to reach the top of the world.  Here are some Work Quotes that can guide you and motivate your soul.

Success is attained from doing things consistently – Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is tagged by Oprah as the new inspirational leader in today’s generation.  She believes that consistency in the way we work will bring us success.  You cannot be successful when you do excellence in your job once in a while.

You need to be unfailing in working in order to be noticed as dependable.

25 Work Quotes

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” Aristotle

“Our work is the presentation of our capabilities.” Edward Gibbon

“A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work.” John Lubbock

Work Hard Quotes For Beginner

“The Gods rank work above virtues.” Hesiod

“All work is an act of philosophy.” Ayn Rand

“When your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.” Henry J. Kaiser

Successful-Life Quotes @TheClassyPeple #theclassypeople
Successful-Life Quotes @TheClassyPeple #theclassypeople

“There can be no joy in living without joy in work.” Thomas Aquinas

“There is no substitute for hard work.” Thomas A. Edison

“Work is love made visible.” Khalil Gibran

“Work isn’t to make money; you work to justify life.” Marc Chagall

Teamwork Quotes And Sayings

“The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.” Vince Lombardi

“To find joy in work is to discover the fountain of youth.” Pearl S. Buck

“Work is the means of living, but it is not living.” Bill Vaughan

Work Quotes To Make You Feel Motivated (2)

“Dreams don’t work unless you do.” John C. Maxwell

“All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind.” Aristotle

“The harder you work, the luckier you get.” Gary Player

“Life grants nothing to us mortals without hard work.” Horace

Monday Inspirational Quotes And Sayings

“The more one works, the more willing one is to work.” Lord Chesterfield

“There is joy in work.” Henry Ford

“We work to become, not to acquire.” Elbert Hubbard

Work Quotes To Make You Feel Motivated (3)


Work without love is slavery.” Mother Teresa

“My work is a game, a very serious game.” M. C. Escher

“It is your work in life that is the ultimate seduction.” Pablo Picasso

“Work is a necessary evil to be avoided.” Mark Twain

“Work hard at work worth doing.” Theodore Roosevelt

Success arises from planning, hard work and learning – Colin Powell

Colin Powell is a former US Secretary of State and currently a best-selling author on leadership. He understands that there is no magic wand to achieve success.  In order to be successful, you must hold a solid plan and commitment to achieve it.

Work hard and work smart in order to accomplish your plans.  If you fail, do not quit but instead learn from it.  Rise from every failure because success happens at the time that you stand up again.

Work Quotes To Make You Feel Motivated (4)

Hard work separates the successful one from the rest – Stephen King

There are no successful persons in this world who achieve success by sitting down.  You need to push your own self to work even if you feel that you cannot do it.  You must be disciplined enough to consistently work on your career and your improvement in order to achieve your dreams.

Stephen King did not become a best-selling author because he has the talent in writing.  He became successful because he has the discipline to write every day in order to finish his books.

If you feel that you are at the end of your career, plan to improve and develop your personal life.  Find your own happiness and passion.

If you feel that the world is unfair, look deep inside you and evaluate your life.  Maybe it is you who is unfair to the world.  Share your ideas and talent, the world deserves to be better because of you.

Be motivated with the Work Quotes of successful persons. Act now and show the rest of the world that you are valuable.