Bane Quotes And Sayings

25 Bane Quotes-As known Bane is a fictionally super villain who appears on comic books, commonly known as adversary of the superhero Batman. Bane known for his mix of brute strength and intelligence is said to be the only villain to have “Broken the Bat”. Bane was ranked #34 on the top 100 Comic Book Villains of all time. Let’s read further to know of how your perspectives would change.

It doesn’t matter who we are, what matters is our plan – Bane Quotes

With this being said, Bane Quotes gives us a great point for life, that it doesn’t matter about who we are, or from what nature or what kind of people we come from. What matters is our plans, and our secret for moving forward in our life. The decision and choices that we make is what matters. What’s the point of an attractive figure, if it lacks intelligence?

Bane Quotes

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“Morality, thou deadly bane,Thy tens o’ thousands thou has slain! Robert Burns

“Suspicion is the companion of mean souls, and the bane of all good society.” Thomas Paine


“The disease of mutual distrust among nations is the bane of modern civilization.” Franz Boas

Confucius Quotes And Sayings

“Let none admire that riches grow in hell; that soil may best deserve the precious bane.”John Milton

“Corruption, the greatest single bane of our society today.”Olosegun

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“I needed to stop eating sweeties and cakes. It’s the bane of my life. I had to lose the weight for my health.” Susan Boyle

“Glory is of no use to the dead -Darth Bane.” Drew Karpyshyn

“Want of occupation is the bane of both men and women, perhaps more especially of the latter.” Horace Mann

“My death and life, My bane and antidote, are both before me.” Joseph Addison

Princess Bride Quotes And Sayings

“The only remedy against the malady of life is life itself. The bane is its own antidote.” William John Locke

“Ignorant power is a bane! ” Ursula K. Le Guin

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“Successful guilt is the bane of society.” Publilius Syrus

“. . . well publicized facts are always the bane to the mind controllers.” Joost Meerloo

“Thirst after body is the great bane of human life.” Swami Vivekananda

“O heart! love is thy bane and thy antidote.” George Sand

Yoda Quotes And Sayings

“Levity of behavior is the bane of all that is good and virtuous.” Seneca the Younger


“Since all things are good, men fail at last to distinguish which is the bane and which the antidote.” Henry David Thoreau

“False attributions are the bane of legitimate discourse.” Winston Smith

“Hair, in fact, is probably the bane of most women’s lives.” Joan Collins

“One man’s bane is another’s bliss.” Robert E. Howard

“Love is the bane of honor, the death of duty.” George R. R. Martin

“Creeds have been the bane of the Christian church … made of Christendom a slaughter-house.” Thomas Jefferson

“What is man’s greatest bane?  His brother man alone.” Bias of Priene

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“Tedium is the bane of immortality.” Neil Lowe

“Intemperance is the plaque of sensuality, and temperance is not its bane but its seasoning.” Michel de Montaigne

Another Quote by Bane which thoroughly teaches us that we should be not afraid about our lives, for whatever comes towards us, we should face it. Shouldn’t be afraid of Death, for Death will make way to us one day, no matter how hard we run away from it. But there’s one thing we should all try to protect ourselves from, which is namely the punishments. Death would just come any day, any time, but it won’t last long, once it comes, it’s gone. However, Punishment stays. So folks, best thing I’d say, stop worrying about what you can’t stop, and instead begin to protect yourself from what comes next.

Now is not the time for fear. That comes later – Bane

Once again Bane with his super human perspectives! In the above mentioned quote, Bane teaches us that it is now always the time to fear, and that we should not fear about anything so soon. There are certain moments in life where we should fear, but fear should not turn into life. You cannot live if you have a life of fear. It’s time to get rid of all your un-necessary fears and work towards your path of success! Having fear in life is good, but it can also ruin your life if overdone. So keep it balanced, don’t let it take over you, instead you take over fear.