Makeup Quotes And Sayings

Makeup Quotes-Makeup can do wonders. It allows us to express our creativity and how we want to portray ourselves. We can change how we look completely, or simply use it to enhance our features. These Makeup Quotes may give you a new outlook on your perception of makeup.

It is so important to be comfortable with who you are in order to be confident. However, there is nothing wrong with using tricks that make you feel even better about yourself – such as that perfect lipstick or big, bold eyelashes. Based on how you are feeling one day, you can allow people to observe according to the makeup you choose to wear. Feeling beautiful without any makeup on is important, but expressing yourself through how you decide to make up your face is a way to have fun and feel good.

Top Makeup Quotes

“The makeup is simply an extension of the personality and colors, clothing, makeup all express something.” Gene Simmons

“No amount of makeup can mask an ugly heart.”Kevyn Aucoin

“I love the confidence that makeup gives me.”Tyra Banks

“There are no rules when it comes to makeup!”Kevyn Aucoin

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.” Yves Saint Laurent

“Your eye makeup says so much about you and your style.” Laura Mercier


“A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.”– Marilyn Monroe

“If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.” – Coco Chanel

“I love the confidence that makeup gives me.” – Tyra Banks

“Never ask a girl with winged eyeliner why she’s late.” – Unknown

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” – Coco Chanel

“Joy is the best makeup. But a little lipstick is a close runner-up.” – Anne Lamott

“Creativity is your best makeup skill, don’t be afraid to experiment.” – Pat McGrath

“Your eye makeup says so much about you and your style.” – Laura Mercier

“You can be a woman who wants to look good and still stand up for the equality of women.” – Meghan Markle

“I do put on a little makeup every day because it helps me feel put together. Mascara is essential.” – Emma Stone

“Treat your makeup like jewelry for the face. Play with colors, shapes, structure – it can transform you.” – Francois Nars


“The most beautiful makeup for a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.” – Yves Saint Laurent

“That’s one of the things I love about makeup. You can change your whole attitude by just doing your eyeliner or lipstick differently.” – Beyonce

“I just like playing with makeup and clothes – so I really don’t feel like there are rules, and if there are rules, then I think it’s up to you to break them.” – Kesha

“Beauty is power, and makeup is something that really enhances that; it’s a woman’s secret.” – Charlotte Tilbury

“Foundation should unify tone, but it shouldn’t take away the individuality of the skin.” – Francois Nars

“Girls have always wanted to be pretty, even in Egyptian times. Cleopatra wore all the eyeliner, you know.” – Rita Ora

“If she likes makeup, let her wear it. If she likes fashion, let her dress up. But if she doesn’t like either, let her be.” – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


“I love being super–tough, but if I need to put on a dress and do my hair and makeup, I can do that too.” – Elizabeth Rodriguez

“I believe in manicures, I believe in overdressing, I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick.” – Audrey Hepburn

“To me, the essence of truly modern makeup is the freedom to be yourself, to express who you are.” – Francois Nars


“When I put on makeup, I’m not doing it to pander to antiquated patriarchal ideals of feminine beauty. I’m doing it because it makes me feel good.” – Sophia Amoruso

“Lipstick is really magical. It holds more than a waxy bit of color – it holds the promise of a brilliant smile, a brilliant day, both literally and figuratively.” – Roberta Gately

“Fenty Beauty was created for everyone: for women of all shades, personalities, attitudes, cultures, and races. I wanted everyone to feel included. That’s the real reason I made this line.” – Rihanna

“Have a better relationship with your makeup and take the time to learn what your products will do.” – Sam Fine

“Black eyeliner. It’s standard. It’s all you need. It just makes the world a better place.” – Marilyn Manson

“Bronzer is a booster. Choose a shade that’s one shade darker than your skin tone. It adds warmth and richness.” – Sam Fine

“Makeup is the finishing touch, the final accessory.” Marc Jacobs

“Beautiful makeup, starts with beautiful skin.” Shu Uemura


“Confidence is everything, but a little makeup can’t hurt.” Bobbi Brown

“I think less is more in terms of makeup in general.” Zoe Kravitz

“There’s no better makeup than self-confidence.” Shakira

“Makeup can help you capture a moment.” Carine Roitfeld

“It doesn’t matter how shaky a woman’s hand is. She can still apply makeup.” Helena Rubinstein

“People can dress you the way they want, they can do your makeup the way they want, but they can never take away your voice.” Sasha Grey

“Wearing makeup is an apology for our actual faces.” Cynthia Heimel

“The right tools are just as important as the makeup itself.Bobbi Brown

“Imagine taking off your makeup and nobody knows who you are.’ Steven Tyler

“Emotional makeup is more important than technical skill.” Warren Buffett

“Makeup is about balance. When the eye makes a statement, the lips should be quiet.” Francois Nars


“Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world.” Marilyn Monroe

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.” Yves Saint-Laurent

“I love the confidence that makeup gives me.” Tyra Banks

“All the makeup in this world can never cover up an empty brain.” Edmond Mbiaka

“The truth doesn’t tolerate makeup” Oliver Mally

“Beauty is not about make up it’s about what it makes you to be from within.” Amit Abraham

My dad used to say makeup was a shallow girl’s sport, but it’s not. It’s armour – Courtney Summers

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing the makeup that makes you feel good. Feeling beautiful can also make you feel powerful and inspire more inner confidence. Some days, when you are feeling lower than usual, sprucing yourself up to conquer your goal is exactly what you need. That bright lipstick could give you a sense of importance and confidence that you need when you get a peak of it in the mirror. It doesn’t make you any less of a person if you need that extra boost.

Yesterday Allison bought me nail polish in the annoying shade of mauve. How can anyone look at me and think mauve? – Katie McGarry

What makeup we wear can say a lot about what type of person we are and how we are feeling that day. Wearing bright colours could mean you are feeling outgoing, happy and excited, while darker shades may portray a sense of calm and tranquillity. It is an art form and a way to express yourself without words.

Looking good is not a sin

These Makeup Quotes show how makeup allows us to express ourselves, and bring an extra boost of confidence and power to our day. Wear it when you like and how you like it; it is your body, so make it look exactly how you want it to.