Star Wars Quotes And Sayings

16 Star Wars Quotes-Life these days is getting more and more stressful with people completely chained within the daily monotonous life. The ever increasing burden is further enhanced by the downfall, inexactness which leads to deteriorating mental as well as physical state of an individual.

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The need of the hour is an effective solution which not only brings the life back to us, but also gives us a never-fading positive impact.

Since time immemorial, we’ve adored the great personalities and always wished to be like them. Surveys show that inspirational quotes by them have resulted in reduction of stress by up to 37%. Why not have a new start of the day by some of the most fascinating and inspiring ones from the other of the Universe! Let’s learn it from the Star Wars Quotes.

16 Star Wars Quotes

“Humans think they are smarter than dolphins because we build cars and buildings and start wars etc., and all that dolphins do is swim in the water, eat fish and play around. Dolphins believe that they are smarter for exactly the same reasons.” Douglas Adams

“Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will…” George Lucas

“What we do to animals directly impacts everything, because we are all connected. It disrupts the food chain, it funds terrorism (ivory), it changes our climate, our oceans, it starts wars.” Nikki Reed

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“We love action and adventure, but we use it to go out and start wars and kill people.” Richard Bach

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“Human paint, produce films and videos; they dance, dream and make music; they engage in political action, exchange goods, perform rituals, build houses start wars, act in plays, try to please patrons- and so on… They contain patterns, press the practitioners to “conform” and in this way mold their thought, their perception, their actions, and their discriminative abilities.” Paul Feyerabend

“It is a damned sight easier to start wars than to end them. This truth has been stated for as long and as often as it has been ignored. High time and thank God, we are at least moving toward de-escalation in Vietnam. The road to extrication will be long, painful, bitter. But it must be trod. We are so bogged down in Vietnam that we cannot respond effectively anywhere else in the world to a military power play except through atomic bombardment.” Malcolm Forbes

“Those who start wars never fight them, and those who fight wars never like them.” Michael Franti

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“Those who start war often know that because of their high political position their own lives will not be in danger. on the Diane Rehm Show.” Jimmy Carter

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“Dictatorships start wars because they need external enemies to exert internal control over their own people.” Richard Perle

“My mind leaps to my theory about presidents – that there are two kinds, ones who have a lot of sex and the others who start wars. In short – and don’t quote me, because this is an incomplete expression of a more complex premise – I believe blow jobs prevent war.” A.M. Homes

“God doesn’t start wars. That’s the greatest load of nonsense. Mankind starts wars. But then we bless armies to go and kill in God’s name. Somebody’s got to blow that myth out of the water.” Betty Williams

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“Screwed-up people settle fights through violence. Screwed-up people start wars that could kill millions. Normal people settle fights through cookies, cakes, and pies. Normal people are fat.” Christopher Titus

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“If the society that we’re talking about is a society that starts wars all over the world, degrades indigenous cultures, is misogynistic in itself, if that’s the society we’re talking about, then it’s not a bad thing if hip-hop did degrade that society.” KRS-One

“People don’t start wars, governments do.”  Ronald Reagan

“Older men start wars, but younger men fight them.”  Albert Einstein

“The military don’t start wars. Politicians start wars.”  William Westmoreland


Who doesn’t know Jedi Master born on Coruscant during the declining days of the Galactic Republic? A visionary, a proficient master with the will-power to fight the evil till death!

Wherever we stand in life is due to the way we think, specifically our way of approach.

The key to stress free life lies within the fact that you focus at the bull’s eye. The goals become clear as crystal once we start to work in that direction with devotion.

If we just focus on the positive aspects of the life, we’ll be much happier and will lead a better life. This will wipe out most of the negativities that we see in and around us, making us happier.

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“STAY ON TARGET’’  GOLD FIVE –  Star Wars Quotes

 The pilot from the golden squadron has a vital message for all the humans.

Once you fix the target, get hold of it. Make sure you work to achieve it, no matter what the circumstances are. Never mind if everyone is against you or try to stop you or even if the situations are unfavorable. This will not only make you better at surviving difficult situations but it will also incorporate a positive attitude in you and make you emotionally stronger.

You shall hit your target hard, with all the might. Downfalls should never be an obstruction towards the path to success. Keep a positive attitude just as this pilot had and you shall fly to glory!


 The togruta female from Shili has been a prominent warrior in the battle and has been an inspiration for many.

The quote reminds us to forget whatever happened in the past. Every mishap, bad memory shall be forgotten and the person shall move on.

Start every day as a new beginning, all afresh. This will help you relieve yourself from the tantrums of yesterday and begin the new day all charged with happiness and energy.

The brave warriors fought their battle and came out with flying colors. How do you think you gonna fight your war?