Dandelion Quotes And Sayings

Dandelion Quotes-Dandelion is a plant that falls into the same class as daisies.  The plant blossoms during spring to give bright yellow flowers. The dandelion head ha a bud that opens up when it matures to give a very beautiful flower. The flowers are very conspicuous and can be noticed from far. The yellow color of dandelion flowers makes it stand out among the other small plants, they are easily noticeable. Dandelion Quotes make one view life in a more positive perspective. The following are some of the quotes

“What I Need Is the Dandelion In the Spring. The Bright Yellow That Means Rebirth Instead Of Destruction. The Promise That Life Can Go On, No Matter How Bad Our Losses. That It Can Be Good Again” Suzane Collins – Dandelion Quotes

Dandelions blossom in the spring season just after winter. They are a symbol of life again. The dandelions flowers are o bright and they thus give nature the beauty that it had lost.  The flowers signify the achievement of the lost hope. Just as dandelions blossoms, after the difficulties in a lie we hope for a brighter life ahead that is full of hope. Life must continue even when difficulties are unbearable.

Famous Dandelion Quotes

“If dandelions were hard to grow, they would be most welcome on any lawn.” Andrew Mason


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“Beautiful as a dandelion-blossom golden in the green grass, this life can be.” Edna St. Vincent Millay

“Already the dandelions Are changed into vanishing ghosts.” Celia Thaxter

“Dandelions don’t tell no lies…” Mick Jagger

“You fight dandelions all weekend, and late Monday afternoon there they are, pert as all get out, in full and gorgeous bloom, pretty as can be, thriving as only dandelions can in the face of adversity.” Hal Borland

“If you find yourself worrying, go outside, take three breaths, address a tree and quietly say, ‘Thank you.’ If you can’t find a tree, a dandelion will do… Nature is magic.” Robert Bateman

“Some people need flowers, some people need dandelions. It’s medicine, it’s what you need at that time in your life.” Sandra Cisneros

“Most of the dandelions had changed from suns into moons.” Vladimir Nabokov


“The man who worries morning and night about the dandelions in the lawn will find great relief in loving the dandelions.” Liberty Hyde Bailey

“So much love, too much love, it is our madness, it is rotting us out, exploding us like dandelion polls.” John Updike

“Never overlook wallflower at dance; may be dandelion in grass.” Confucius

“Scandals are like dandelion seeds–they are arrow-headed, and stick where they fall, and bring forth and multiply fourfold.” Ouida

“Some ideas, like dandelions in lawns, strike tenaciously: you may pull off the top but the root remains, drives down suckers and may even sprout again.” Elizabeth Bowen


“By the time we left college, I had become my own image: a dandelion in the flower bed of society. Kinda cute, but still a weed.” Anne Fortier

“I decapitated dandelions all morning, leaving carnage and death strewn into my path.” Laurie Halse Anderson

“Killing Jesus was like trying to destroy a dandelion seed-head by blowing on it” Walter Wink

“Sometimes it seemed to him that his life was delicate as a dandelion. One little puff from any direction, and it was blown to bits.” Katherine Paterson

“She spotted a lone dandelion,and it crossed her mind that a younger Luce would have pounced on it and then made a wish and blown. But this Luce’s wishes felt too heavy for something so light.” Lauren Kate

“Once an idea is out and about, it can’t be called back, silenced or erased. You can’t contain it, any more than you could put the head of a dandelion back together after the wind has scattered its seeds.” P.W. Catanese

“What an indulgence it would be, to just blow off my head, all my mean spirits disappearing with a gun blast, like blowing a seedy dandelion apart.” Gillian Flynn

“I watch the ashes swim around like dandelion puffs, making swirls where bodies and walls once stood.” Lauren DeStefano

“Take your materials from what is around you – if you see a dandelion, write about that; if it’s misty, write about the mist. The materials for poetry are all about you in profusion.” Masaoka Shiki

“Flowers are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty out values all the utilities of the world. If dandelions were hard to grow, they would be most welcome on any lawn.” Andrew Mason

“Organic as a dandelion seed, [the ship of our imagination] will carry us to worlds of dreams and worlds of facts” Carl Sagan

“That the sum of a man’s life was not where he wound up but in the details that brought him there. That we made mistakes. I closed my eyes, sick of the riddles, and to my surprise all I could see were dandelions-as if they had been painted on the fields of my imagination, a hundred thousand suns. And I remembered something else that makes us human: faith, the only weapon in our arsenal to battle doubt.” Jodi Picoult

“Dandelions, Like All Things In Nature, Are Beautiful When You Take Time To Pay Attention To Them” June Stoyer – Dandelion Quotes

Before dandelions open up their buds you cannot notice their beauty. After a short, while the buds open up and the bright yellow color can be seen, the color is very attractive as well.  When you feel like giving up in life, remember the dandelions.  The difficulty is just in the bud stage, which is followed by happy times. Patience and endurance will make you realize the beauty of life ahead.

“Beautiful As a Dandelion -Blossom Golden In the Green Grass, This Life Can Be – Edna St.” Vincent Millay – Dandelion Quotes

Life can turn to be the best at some point. The beauty of life can reveal itself at some point in life, all we need is to hope.  Even during the hardest times that you may think that nothing good is going to happen, it may turn out that you become successful. That is how a dandelion becomes conspicuous among the green grass.

Reading the Dandelion Quotes will help you realize that hope is never lost.  There is a hope for the better future. It enables us to live hopefully with the faith of better tomorrow.