Dark Quotes And Sayings

Dark Quotes-For better or for worse world is going through an irreversible change. This change carries a number of implications for existing and coming generation. Some say that the world has become a darker and evil place due to the acts of people. While others argue that we are climbing yet another level of civilization this century. Regardless of the direction and weight of these arguments the fact remains that darkness and light have been struggling against each other from ages. Once a philosopher said that know your enemy and you will never be defeated. This quote depicts the importance of knowing the evil and dark forces. This article will help you analyze some of those Dark Quotes that might lead you to some chilling realizations. It may also allow you to explore the ideas that you never had an acquaintance with.

Famous Dark Quotes

“Don’t be afraid of the dark. Shine!” Vera Nazarian


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“Flowers grow out of dark moments.” Corita Kent

“The dark is light enough.” Christopher Fry

“Before I was ever in high school, I had dark circles under my eyes.” Benicio Del Toro

“On stage, I am in the dark.” Maria Callas

“Every moment of light and dark is a miracle.” Walt Whitman

“When its dark enough you can see the stars.” Charles A. Beard


“Hope begins in the dark.” Anne Lamott

“Go with your fate, but not beyond. Beyond leads to dark places.” Mary Renault

“There’s more to light than the opposite of dark.” Ric Ocasek

“Character is what a man is in the dark.” Dwight L. Moody


“In Light there is Dark, and in Dark there is Light.” Kami Garcia

“All I know is a door into the dark.” Seamus Heaney

“This is intimacy: the trading of stories in the dark.” Elizabeth Gilbert

“Your heart is like the ocean, mysterious and dark.” Bob Dylan

“I must also have a dark side if I am to be whole.” Carl Jung

“Numb the dark and you numb the light.” Brené Brown

“To fight evil, you have to understand the dark.” Nalini Singh

“You can’t have a light without a dark to stick it in.” Arlo Guthrie

“Life is one long struggle in the dark.” Lucretius

“Let thy light shine, then, in dark places.” Edgar Cayce

“Poets, like the blind, can see in the dark.” Jorge Luis Borges

“Each small candle lights a corner of the dark.” Roger Waters

“Stay true in the dark, and humble in the spotlight.” Harold B. Lee


“Faith is the bird that sings while it is yet dark.” Max Lucado

“I sometimes have a tendency to walk on the dark side” J. K. Rowling – Dark Quotes

Everyone knows J.K. Rowling for her remarkable novels but this quote is as powerful and meaningful as any of her other work. It is very true that at some point in our life we get lost along the way. We lose the true sense of purpose to day to day matters and forget the true meaning of life. A lot of people subsequently regret doing all wrongdoings but the fact is that we all fall prey to our darker sides and we must stay vigilant.

“Only in the darkness can you see the stars” Martin Luther King Jr. – Dark Quotes

Martin Luther king Jr. always have a message of hope and peace to the world. In this quote he beautifully yet so meaningfully emphasize on the idea that if there was no evil in the world nobody would appreciate the goodness. Therefore we must accept that the laws of nature has made it essential that evil go along with the light. This fight defines who we truly are and which side do we choose.

“Everyone is a moon and has a dark side which he never shows to anyone” Mark Twain – Dark Quotes

Mark twain has been praised for his thought and work from a very long time. This quote tell us why. It is very important in our lives to acknowledge that every have good and bad in them. Nobody is pure angel or evil.

These quotes not only gives us a new perspective on darkness but also allows us to rethink about the reality of life in more meaningful way.