70+ Windmill Quotes and Sayings

Windmill converts the wind into power and make our lives brighter.They are also the universal symbol of life, serenity, resilience, self-sufficiency, and perseverance in a harsh environment.

A more playful and colourful representation of the windmill is the pinwheel, which symbolises diversity, potential, transformation, wish fulfilment and childhood innocence… Today we are sharing the top collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old windmill quotes and sayings to brighten your day!

Short Windmill Quotes

“An unfree mind is like a windmill inside a bell jar. ” _ Mehmet Murat ilda

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“When the wind of change blows, some people build walls, some build windmills.”_ Chinese Proverb


“Windmill or no windmill, he said, life would go on as it had always gone on–that is, badly. “—George Orwell

“Love is that to life, what wind is to a windmill.” _Kazi Sham


“Wind blows. You can set a wall against it, you can build up a windmill. The choice is yours.” _Russ

“Windmill or no windmill, he said life would go on as it has always gone on—that is, badly.” George Orwell

“Was fighting every windmill, especially when I was in college. “— Bill Parcells

“You cannot make a windmill go with a pair of bellows. “— George Herbert


“The slope takes you to the windmill, but effort takes you nowhere. “— Fernando Pessoa


“I had rather live with cheese and garlic in a windmills.” — William Shakespeare

“Don Quixotes! Stand aback from my windmill!”— Lara Biyuts

“I used to write bits and pieces of comedy material for various comics that were at the Windmill… as well as my film job, I was under contract, I was allowed to do that and everything.”—Val Guest

“It is getting harder and harder to come up here. I am running out of arguments. These windmill projects will promote the county, yet we are fighting an uphill battle here. We need to get the projects moved out of the finance committee.”— Les Miller

“There’s an old windmill frame at Hope Camp and remnants of an old shack. There’s also some old fence that was part of the camp.”— Bob Love


“These were women who did not make a habit of taking their clothes off in public before they began performing at the Windmill. I suppose we could view all of this as politically incorrect, but the truth is that what happened at the Windmill brought many people together as a means of escaping the tragedy that was surrounding them. “— Stephen Frears

“If private developers say ‘Well, we can not make it feasible at that rate, we need this rate,’ then you’ll see the tire hit the pavement or the wind hit the windmill.”— Richard Brown

“Are windmills always this beautiful? I asked me. Me replied, ‘Not if it is grey and windy, and you are tied to one of it’s blades! “_Prachi Blue

“I do find some of the costumes sometimes are over the top. You almost feel you’ve been trapped in a windmill in the Metropolitan Opera House costume department”.—Dick Button

“I find little in the works of Beethoven, Berlioz, Wagner and others when they are led by a conductor who functions like a windmill.”—Franz Liszt

“There are, indeed, few merrier spectacles than that of many windmills bickering together in a fresh breeze over a woody country; their halting alacrity of movement, their pleasant business, making bread all day with uncouth gesticulation; their air, gigantically human, as of a creature half alive, put a spirit of romance into the tamest landscape”. _Robert Louis Stevenson

“A windmill is eternally at work to accomplish one end, although it shifts with every variation of the weathercock, and assums ten different positions in a day. “_Charles Caleb Colton


“Windmills, which are used in the great plains of Holland and North Germany to supply the want of falling water, afford another instance of the action of velocity. The sails are driven by air in motion – by wind.”_ Hermann von Helmholtz

“There are times when each of us has to have some gumption to take a stand as to what we wish to preserve or change in order to maintain our self-respect and not be as ‘a reed shaken with the wind’ (Matt. 11:7) . . . . We lose much credibility and strength, and we risk being weighed on an uneven balance, when, Don Quixote-like, we go around ’tilting windmills.”_ James E. Faust

“Those who believe that we have reached the limit of business progress and employment opportunity in this country are like the farmer who had two windmills and pulled one down because he was afraid there was not enough wind for both”. _morris s.tremaine

“If the windmill should prove too formidable, said he, from the threshold, I may see what can be done with the wind”. _Rafael Sabatini

“There isn’t a single windmill owner in Holland who doesn’t have a second job, for when there is no wind.”_ Johnny Ball

“A sudden light transfigures a trivial thing, a weather-vane, a windmill, a winnowing flail, the dust in the barn door; a moment – and the thing has vanished, because it was pure effect; but it leaves a relish behind it, a longing that the accident may happen again.” — Walter Pater


“Not enough youths fighting windmills. And the old are fearful, jaded or dead. Do not ask me what to do. I am just as cowardly as you. And do not tell me it is enough to speak the truth; that it is bravery enough. Every mountain leveled to the ground, every forest burned, every man, woman, and child who lost their shanties to arsonist fires were defended to the heavens – with words. “— Psyche Roxas-Mendoza

“I only remember fighting Ozzy O’Dell once. It was back in second grade. He threw these weird windmill like punches, which was probably an early sign that the swim team was in his future.” — Neal Shusterman

“London’s Windmill Theater grew famous for its nude tableaux. During the 1940 and 1950, this theater overcame the objections of censors by agreeing that none of its naked actors would move any part of his/her body.” — Lynda Bellingham

“I slept that night in the room I used to have when I was a little boy, with the summer wind blowing in at the windows, bringing the smell of the ripe fields. I lay awake and watched the moonlight shining over the barn and the stacks and the pond, and the windmill making its old dark shadow against the blue sky. “— Willa Cather

“That evening Squealer explained privately to the other animals that Napoleon had never in reality been opposed to the windmill. On the contrary, it was he who had advocated it in the beginning, and the plan which Snowball had drawn on the floor of the incubator shed had actually been stolen from among Napoleon’s papers. The windmill was, in fact, Napoleon’s own creation. Why, then, asked somebody, had he spoken so strongly against it? Here Squealer looked very sly. That, he said, was Comrade Napoleon’s cunning. He had seemed to oppose the windmill, simply as a manoeuvre to get rid of Snowball, who was a dangerous character and a bad influence.” — George Orwell

“The flakes came down so thickly that from the sitting-room windows I could not see beyond the windmill – its frame looked dim and grey, unsubstantial like a shadow. The snow did not stop falling all day, or during the night that followed. The cold was not severe, but the storm was quiet and resistless.” — Willa Cather

“You know how it is as a rule, when you want to get Chappie A on Spot B at exactly the same moment when Chappie C is on Spot D. There’s always a chance of a hitch. Take the case of a general, I mean to say, who’s planning out a big movement. He tells one regiment to capture the hill with the windmill on it at the exact moment when another regiment is taking the bridgehead or something down in the valley; and everything gets all messed up. And then, when they’re chatting the thing over in camp that night, the colonel of the first regiment says, “Oh, sorry! Did you say the hill with the windmill? I thought you said the one with the flock of sheep.” And there you are! — P.G. Wodehouse

“I wrote Murder at the Windmill. And it was accepted and we made it and it was the first film I made with Danny Angel, well the only film I actually made … I made a lot of it at the Windmill itself”. — Val Guest

Hills that stand soft and a sky that stands high and blue, and the sun setting behind a windmill, and always, always, hazy strings of mountains that fall and fall away on the horizon. — Khaled Hosseini

“If you stop painting policemen in order to paint windmills, criticism remains so overpoweringly policeman-conscious that even a windmill is seen as something with arms out, obviously directing the traffic. “— A.A. Milne


“My only idea ever, Dorrigo had confessed, is to advance forward and charge the windmill.Taylor had laughed, but Dorrigo had meant it. It’s only our faith in illusions that makes life possible, Squizzy, he had explained, in as close to an explanation of himself as he ever offered. It’s believing in reality that does us in every time. “— Richard Flanagan

“The windmill gives you society with the feudal lord; the steam mill, society with the industrial capitalist “.— Karl Marx


“You are really nuts, you know it? One a these days they’re gonna come over and just lock you up! You aren’t playing with a full deck, Eunice. I think somebody blew your pilot light out. There’s more. You know what? You got splinters in the windmill of your mind. You’re playin hockey with a warped puck! I think you dine sprung a leak in your dingey ..”. — Vicki Lawrence

Holding his daughter close with one arm, he pointed toward the distant horizon. “As far as you can see – it all belongs to you, Faith. Someday, I’ll take you to the top of a windmill and teach you to dream. When you reach for some of those dreams, you might fall … but your mother and I will be there to catch you because that’s what love means: always being there. I love you, little girl.” He pressed a kiss to his daughter’s cheek. “So much … it hurts. But I reckon that’s part of love, too.”Dallas — Lorraine Heath

“To the jumpers overhearing the conversation it was obvious – Troop had come down with another case of dragon fever. The Don Quixote of smokejumping was once again engaged in mortal combat with this, his latest windmill. “— Murry A. Taylor

“You’re looking, moment by moment and scene by scene, how you can tell the most interesting story. So, we had this great short and we knew that we had a story about a boy and his dog. Because we had that pure emotional core, we could go on crazy tangents and always come back to Victor and Sparky. When I wrote in stuff like Weird Girl and the cat poop, Dutch Day and the windmill, it felt like it was part of Tim’s universe.” — John August

“The Senator was vulgar, almost illiterate, a public liar easily detected, and in his “ideas” almost idiotic, while his celebrated piety was that of a traveling salesman for church furniture, and his yet more celebrated humor the sly cynicism of a country store.
Certainly there was nothing exhilarating in the actual words of his speeches, nor anything convincing in his philosophy. His political platforms were only wings of a windmill”. — Sinclair Lewis

“I built the windmill 30 years ago in Tefen, and I think it was the right thing to build at that time, and I don’t think that we did much with the solar or with windmills. Not much was done. I think we were too busy.” — Stef Wertheimer

“The Marianne Vos Route goes through the seven villages of Aalburg, where I grew up, and celebrates my World and Olympic titles with a number of benches along the route, where you can stop and rest your legs. You’ll see the white windmill in Meeuwen and, in Babylonienbroek, a statue of the silver bike I rode to celebrate my Olympic track win. “— Marianne Vos

“New Rule: You can’t put a windmill in your campaign ad if you voted against every single bill that might lead to someone building one. As long as you’re sending a camera crew to a farm, why not just take a picture of actual bullshit”? — Bill Maher

“My grandparents live in Cley, and my dad now has the windmills which is a guest house. So I’ve spent much time up there, but a lot of it was at school as well, and my dad was sent abroad so often as well with the army.” — James Blunt

“We’re going on a, um, windmill tour later this week.”
If I’d wanted to shut them all up, I’d definitely succeeded. They all looked stunned.
Adrian spoke first. “I’m going to assume that means he’s flying you to Amsterdam on his private jet. If so, I’d like to come along. But not for the windmills.” — Richelle Mead

“My golf game is getting real good. Last week, I got through the windmill”. — Rodney Dangerfield

“From what I could see, the hardwood was just fine. Then again, I’d just see a windmill and an open sky, too, never feeling the need to conquer either. You think it’s all obvious and straightforward, this world. But really, it’s all in who is doing the looking. “— Sarah Dessen


“I excused myself to the woman I was with and made my way over to these men. I stopped to ask my friend Buller to watch my back. The thing is, people like this can’t be talked to, and so I wasn’t going to mess around with this crazed windmill and his sidekick, Don Quixote.
I hit the mouthy crazed windmill with a thumping right, a left, right, smack on the chin; he fell apart and was out for the count before he hit the deck. I turned to Don Quixote and off he shot like the Disney cartoon character of Speedy Gonzales. “— Stephen Richards

“To look out of a car in Scania, you see a painting on the horizontal – one windmill, one tiny farmhouse, acres of beet or grass”. — Kenneth Branagh

“Ico ran back to the windmill, growing increasily nervous with each moment Yorda was out of his sight. He didn’t want to think what would happen if the shadow-creatures attacked while they were apart. “— Miyuki Miyabe

“Sunlight stretched across the Nebraska miles, burning fiery pink-gold through a bank of clouds on the horizon. It was almost sunset, and the land spread out, an expanse of never-ending cornfields broken only by the rising silhouette of a windmill or grain silo. “— Becca Fitzpatrick

“To destroy abuses is not enough; Habits must also be changed. The windmill has gone, but the wind is still there.” — Victor Hugo

“It looked, at first sight, like a portable windmill that had been attacked by an enormous insect, and at second sight like a touring torture chamber for an Inquisition that wanted to get out and about a bit and enjoy the fresh air.” — Terry Pratchett

“I find little in the works of Beethoven, Berlioz, Wagner and others when they are led by a conductor who functions like a windmill.” —Franz Liszt

“A man without money is like a windmill left without the wind, don’t you ever forget this! “— Mehmet Murat Ildan

“We know that our world is corrupt and diseased but we’re tired of being cynical and feeling helpless. What the hell, tilt at a windmill.” — Cynthia Heimel

“The idea of windmills conjures up pleasant images – of Holland and tulips, of rural America with windmill blades slowly turning, pumping water at the farm well … But the windmills we are talking about today are not your grandmother’s  windmills. Each one is typically 100 yards tall, two stories taller than the Stature of Liberty, taller than a football field is long. “—Lamar Alexander

“I started to enjoy the regal sport of cockfighting … but I’m still having trouble getting the hang of windmill ing the bayonet.” — Josh Stern

“The quest toward a windmill is more fulfilling than an empty stroll, sometimes, even if the windmill isn’t real”. — Elizabeth Silver

“Trash fires gutter in steel canisters around the Market. The snow still falls and kids huddle over the flames like arthritic crows, hopping from foot to foot, wind whipping their dark coats. Up in Fairview’s arty slum-tumble, someone’s laundry has frozen solid on the line, pink squares of bedsheet standing out against the background dinge and the confusion of satellite dishes and solar panels. Some ecologist’s eggbeater windmill goes round and round, round and round, giving a whirling finger to the Hydro rates.” — William Gibson

“Designs are increasingly winning competitions because they are literally green, and because somewhere they feature a small windmill .”— Rem Koolhaas


“(Until the end of their lives, these men and women would tell stories about the summer they followed Lyndon Johnson and his Flying Windmill around Texas; as Oliver Knight of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram would write about one trip, “That mad dash from Navasota to Conroe in which I dodged stumps at 70 MPH just to keep up with that contraption will ever be green in my memory.”) At the landing site, there would be the brief respite.” — Robert A. Caro

“I used to write bits and pieces of comedy material for various comics that were at the Windmill… as well as my film job, I was under contract, I was allowed to do that and everything. “— Val Guest

“Rockwood didn’t have a movie theater or an IHOP or a strip mall. But it did have two churches, a ramshackle bar, and last (but certainly not least) Wacky Willie’s Deluxe Goofy Golf, a barren landscape of wilted ferns and plastic flamingos with peeling paint. Wacky Willie had added the ‘Deluxe’ when finally ridding the thirteenth hole windmill of a stubborn family of bats after a great and terrible struggle that would forever be known as ‘The Fearsome Bat War of Rockwood County’ by Willie, but was usually referred to as ‘That Time Willie Had to Get Rabies Shots’ by everyone else.” — A. Lee Martinez

Wingardium Leviosa!” he shouted, waving his long arms like a windmill
“You’re saying it wrong,” Harry heard Hermione snap. “It’s Wing-gar-dium Levi-o-sa, make the ‘gar’ nice and long.”

“You do it, then, if you’re so clever,” Ron snarled. — J.K. Rowling

“When I’m building my dome in my chapel, and I had a vision – I’ve worked on perpetual motion and I haven’t never give it up yet. I still think it could be done, perpetual motion. I had a vision of a un resist able windmill  .” _  Howard Finster